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Enhancing public spaces

Public spaces serve as the communal backbone of our cities, offering platforms for interaction, recreation, and collective expression [...]

What to do with empty office spaces?

The changing nature of office spaces asks us to think differently. It asks us to reconsider how offices are set up and to come up with new ideas [...]

Real estate evolution for seniors

The real estate sector is constantly reinventing itself to meet the changing needs of the population. One of the most striking trends in recent [...]

Options for retail spaces

Physical retail have different opportunities to face the new reality of online shopping. [...]

Abandoned homes in Japan

Japan has a problem, one that foreshadows the future of many developed countries -  that is abandoned housing, both in rural [...]

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Easy and impactful innovations

Sometimes simple ideas, requiring little work or financial investment, have a very strong impact on the end user.[...]

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What shall we do with parkings?

Faced with ecological challenges and the need to make dense cities liveable, the place of the car is being questioned. [...]

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Rethinking conctruction practices

This article delves into the lifecycle of construction materials and their significant impact on pollution. Construction and demolition [...]

Rooftops: Underutilized treasure

Rooftops are hidden treasures, not only to enhance the value of buildings but also enrich the communities that surround them. Imagine [...]

Create win-win situations

The interests of developers, public authorities, and citizens are not always aligned, which affects the development of projects at all [...]

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Desirable futures

The future we want is that of a just society, in a finite world. This challenges the real estate business [...]

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Sustainability, adaptability, resilience

Adaptability, resilience, sustainability ... these are all terms that we have heard a lot in recent years. Although often used interchangeably [...]

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Urban density, urban intensity

Density has been discussed at lengths. On the one hand, city dwellers see their cities becoming denser when small buildings are replaced by larger [...]

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