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In a changing society, we know that adaptability is key. Real estate projects are shaped by new lifestyles. If you observe skateboarders in cities, you often find them in the place no-one wants to be and shaping it into “the place-to-be”. 

We believe that understanding how people will live, work and travel is the future is the starting point to making profitable long-term investments. At Impala, we accompany real estate investors, developers and public authorities and make them aware of these opportunities. We do this by offering you access to an innovative and affordable real-estate ecosystem. 

Impala’s ecosystem includes architects, developers, urban planners and innovators from across the globe. Together, we bring you world-class curated innovations in real estate on an easy-to-use online platform, so that you can get inspired globally and make your projects stand out locally.


In each of your projects, there is a potential for innovation.

Let's bring it out.

Our ecosystem  makes innovations accessible and operational.


You will have access to a source of information that will allow you to make concrete decisions.


Our ecosystem makes real-estate innovations accessible and operational locally

The impala ecosystem of architects, developers, urban planners and innovators brings together:


Impala runners, who look for innovations globally.

Professionals who approve innovations for their creativity, forward-looking ability and operational aspects.

Local experts who can help implement and adapt innovations to local regulations.

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