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Impala, the real estate trendwatching platform.

Act on the latest trends and innovations in the real estate sector. For real estate developers, investors and public authorities.


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Innovations from around the world to develop and renovate spaces.


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Innovations to drive public policy and find win-win opportunities for developers, investors and public authorities.


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With thought leadership on topics like the future of retail, parkings, abandoned spaces and more.

Immediately access and develop distinctive projects in real estate.

Explore practical and concrete innovations in real estate, public policy, financing, technical, mobility, land availability, office spaces, retail, industry, hospitality, logistics, energy and more.

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As real estate and city professionals, we are facing two major challenges: The scarcity of buildable land and the mutation of lifestyles. Explore 3 trends that become permanent and the latest thought leadership around these topics.


Adaptability and resilience

Adaptability, resilience, sustainability ... these are all terms that we have heard a lot in recent years. Although often used interchangeably [...]



The future we want is that of a just society, in a finite world. This challenges the real estate business [...]

Image by Toa Heftiba


Japan has a problem, one that foreshadows the future of many developed countries -  that is abandoned housing, both in rural and urban areas. [...]

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