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Easy and impactful innovations

3' read - published Augsut, 8th 2022

Sometimes simple ideas, requiring little work or financial investment, have a very strong impact on the end user. It is indeed for the latter that we build housing, offices, public buildings, commercial spaces or public places.


Discover the innovations presented in this article, there are certainly some that you can implement in your projects!

Adding a service space in the lobby of my building

Tulu and My Pick Up Point (MyPUP) offer two types of services for individuals. What they have in common is that these services are deployed via light installations (closet type) in building lobbies. 


MyPUP is a Dutch company that optimizes parcel delivery. MyPUP installs parcel storage cabinets in the halls of buildings and manages the deliveries itself. The packages ordered by MyPUP users arrive first at their warehouse. The deliveries are then made in one go, in the secured cabinets. The end customer can then pick up his or her package whenever he or she wants, just like they do in post offices. The difference is that this time, the parcel is not at the post office but at the entrance of the house.

Tulu provides closets containing all the small items that people in a building use regularly but don't need to own. This can be anything from a vacuum cleaner to a beamer, a playstation or a printer. Once the closet is installed, Tulu manages its supply. Residents install an application that allows them to borrow items. Tulu is an Israeli start-up, incubated in the United States. It is also already established in Europe.

Allow users to save water with their toilets

Imported from Japan, the concept of toilets with integrated hand basin allows to save up to 25% of water for the toilets. Clean water is used for hand washing. Once dirty, it is stored in the flush tank and used for the toilet.

Help tenants use the technical facilities, lighten the workload of the building manager

A Montreal developer had a brilliant idea when he filmed short tutorials at the end of the construction works. The tutorials are published on the website of the developer, they explain how to operate the air conditioning, how to turn off the water etc.. Tenants can refer to them rather than having to search through a user manual which is often lost. This is a win-win situation, as tenants have their answer directly and don't need to call the management for such questions. The videos are filmed with a smartphone and do not require any editing work afterwards. Simple and efficient.

Simplifying the decision making process for buyers

With the Finished Selector and Colorix, you can simplify the decision making process for new home buyers.

The Finished Selector is used extensively in Canada. It is simply an assortment of finishes offered to buyers, using a 3D visualization in which you can vary the colors and materials of the floors and walls. Thanks to this very easy to use tool, buyers are able to project themselves in their future kitchen or living room, and at the same time you can guide their choice of materials in order to save on purchases later on.

Colorix is a tool developed in Switzerland to scan colors. Colorix is able to scan a real-life color, and to give all the digital information to be able to communicate it afterwards. With such a tool, buyers will be able to identify a color they like and record its information very simply to order it.

Finished selector
Sometimes a lick of paint is enough

The following three projects are public space projects, which have been completely transformed through a paint-based intervention.

Magma Flow activates a play area at the entrance of a shopping center. This pedestrian street was hardly used before, and the paint gave it new life. Over the Rainbow is also a project linked to a shopping center. This time, it is the roof of the building that has been animated with paint. It has become a place where visitors like to take pictures of themselves in the acidic decor. Finally, High Loop is a project to convert an old car bridge into a space reserved for pedestrians and active modes. The paint suggests routes to take, and the addition of rest areas on the bridge has made it a real place to relax.

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